Our project (My Everest, Your Molehill) lasted for two years. During the two years we focused on six fields of education and sharing good practices such as using ICT, learning foreign languages, learning outside school, tolerance, free learning and creativity. One school from each of these six countries participated in the project: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Turkey. The programme was based on the strengths and weaknesses of each school. The agenda of the project meetings was organized around the strengths. Information Technology was in the center of the first project meeting. The opening session was held in the coordinator school. The strength of this institution is ICT supported education. Accordingly, this was the topic of the week. During the time spent there, the pupils got to know and use several applications. In Belgium, children learnt about a new way of foreign language acquisition when language learning is integrated into another subject. The topic of the Hungarian mobility was learning outside the school building. The programmes included treasure hunt in the city, trips, cooking, rowing, visiting the power plant, caving, outdoor drama activities and drawing. The guests learnt a lot about the topic of the Hungarian team. The Austrian meeting was about tolerance: „From intolerance to tolerance.” The strength of the school in Graz is the fight against intolerance. Activities were introduced with which children are educated to be more tolerant. We had a task for this specific meeting to show the problems we have in connection with intolerance. Our pupils created a video in order to do so. In Germany, we examined how learners are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning. The sixth mobility week was about creativity and how to develop it, all programmes were organized around this topic. In our institution, a team formed within the staff to coordinate the project. This team took part in the managing of foreign mobilities, the organization of the Hungarian meeting and in the facilitation of the work of the children. The products and events of the project meetings were uploaded online. The dissemination of the project’s results was realized on multiple online platforms. The blog of the project is The etwinning site is Our institution had three main responsibilities throughout the project. The first was the organization and managing of a project meeting to show our strengths of learning and teaching outside the school building. Our second duty was to create a presentation showing our weakness for the fourth meeting. The area in which we would like to develop is the fight against intolerance. Besides we were made responsible to constantly monitor and evaluate the project.